The built environment is critical in how we tackle climate change. Fortunately we now have a real opportunity to re-define how we build an infrastructure that is sustainable for the next generation.

It’s estimated that we could prevent 1.72 – 2.75 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere by shifting completely to sustainable cement.

What We Do

Our low-carbon, high quality concrete solution is designed to support the construction industry in achieving net zero carbon targets.

We have developed an enhanced, hydraulically bound concrete. Our patented process interlocks the particles in cement in a flexible matrix, enhancing its cohesive properties, and creating a product that protects the environment twice over: metals are locked in, preventing leaching into watercourses, while the super strong chemical bonds within the cement fortify it against water, heat and erosion, preserving its lifespan.

Our concrete solution has been subject to extensive research and development by industry experts, combined with a rigorous testing regime to make sure our claims are grounded in scientific fact.

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