North-east environmental technology firm, Recycl8, has been awarded patent status for its ground-breaking solution which supports both the construction and waste-to-energy sectors’ drive to reduce carbon emissions. It has the potential to save around 2.1 million tonnes of CO2 per annum in the UK alone.

Recycl8 works in collaboration with the waste-to-energy and global construction industries to transform Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) – often destined for landfill – into a high-performing, low-carbon concrete solution. The process allows IBA to make up to 60% by volume of the concrete, replacing high C02 emitting cement and other virgin quarried materials.

The patent ensures that Recycl8 is the only company in the UK which is permitted to process IBA and transform it into concrete or use it as part of their concrete mix. It also means the firm can licence their process, creating an alternative revenue stream.

The news comes shortly after the company received a six-figure grant from Innovate UK, which accelerated the product’s testing phase by two-thirds.

Mark Gillespie, CEO of Recycl8, said, “This patent marks a significant milestone in our journey to bring this product to market. Our concrete solution has been subject to extensive research and development by industry experts, combined with a rigorous, independent testing regime. We are thrilled that our pioneering innovation, has been recognised by the patent award, meaning that our intellectual property is now protected in law.”

“This prestigious accolade really sets us apart from our competitors, giving us the opportunity to offer our customers a solution that is truly unique.”

Ian Skene, Recycl8’s Chief Technology Officer, added: “Our patented process interlocks the particles in concrete in a flexible matrix, enhancing its cohesive properties, and producing a product that protects the environment twice over: heavy metals are locked in, preventing leaching into watercourses, while the super-strong chemical bonds within the concrete protecting it against water, heat and erosion, preserving its lifespan. The patent recognises not just the ingenuity of our solution, but also its potential to make a transformative impact.

“By working with us concrete manufacturers can deliver a significantly reduced carbon footprint to our ever-growing demand for concrete, and waste-to-energy facilities have an alternative, circular economy solution to sending ash to landfill.”

Recycl8 have recently been shortlisted for the Elevator Awards 2022 in the Innovation of the Year category, with the final set to take place at Ardoe House Hotel and Spa on 23rd June.