Meet Mateusz Wrobel, our summer Civil Engineering Intern.

We are delighted to welcome him to the team, where he will be working closely with Ian Skene and Jim Young on our critical testing and development programme.

Mateusz is currently a third year Civil Engineering Undergraduate at the University of Aberdeen. This summer he will also be attending the Radbound Summer School in the Netherlands, to undertake a short course on Technology and Sustainability modelling for #NetZero industries.

We are looking forward to working with you Mateusz, and we know you will be a huge asset in our journey to launching our ground-breaking low carbon concrete solution.

Why did you study civil Engineering?

Because I have wanted to make a positive impact in the world and since I was a kid and I really thought that I can fulfill myself in this area.  I think that civil engineering will help me to achieve this goal in the future.

Why did you choose to work with Recycl8?

I believe in the Circular Economy and Sustainability, and I realised that Recycl8 are a great example of a company that align with this belief and I am more that happy to join this team and explore this in the future.

What are you enjoying about your placement?

Recycl8 is a start-up of company that is made up of very diverse people that together make one great team.  Currently I am working with Jim, a fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineering and he really pushes me outside my comfort zone to make me feel that I am developing a lot of useful skills that I can use outside my internship for university purposes and my future development as a prospering civil engineer.  Every day at Recycl8 is different I am being exposed to so many different situations that I would never be able to provide myself.

What do you want to get out of your internship?

In a few week’s time I am going to join Radbound University for summer school about sustainability and net zero industries and I am really hoping to bring something back from this experience and develop Recycl8.  I really hope to gain a lot of useful skills such as research, such as problem-solving skills and practical working in a laboratory, things that will really help me become a better person for my academic career and for future work in a professional environment.

What do you do when you aren’t civil engineering?

In my free time I get involved in circus arts such as juggling, handstands or unicycling these are things that are really keeping me outside my comfort zone and make me feel alive!